Welcome to Sparsh Special School

Your child is definitely the apple of your eyes, and infact an extension of your own being. His arrival in this world was a cause of great deal of excitement and happiness, and marked the beginning of your journey as parents. Every parent wants the very best for his child, and rightly so. We, at Sparsh, realize his fact and therefore our attempt is to act as a catalyst and "a bridge" that helps your child to successfully cross over into the real world.

Sparsh Model Special Education Center located at Hyderabad. Our School endeavors to excel in building capacities to empower kids with special needs. Since the quality of life of every kid with special needs is equal to other kids in the country, in that they live independently to the maximum extent possible and through constant professional endeavors, Sparsh schools empowers the Kids with special needs to access the state of the art rehabilitation intervention viz., educational, therapeutic, vocational, employment, leisure and social activities, sports, cultural programmes and full participation.

To achieve optimum results, the institute has developed and introduced innovative structured training courses like Early Intervention, Rehabilitation Psychology, Special Education and Disability Rehabilitation at School level.